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Payslip Mandatory Information

Payslip Mandatory Information For The UK


As an employee you have the right to know how much and how often you will be paid. You are entitled to receive an individual, detailed written pay statement from your employer (typically called a payslip), shortly before or when you are paid.

When you start work, your employer should tell you:

  • The day or date when you’ll be paid – for example, each Friday, or the last working day of the month.  This date will usually be in your signed contract if applicable.
  • Method of payment , for example – direct into your bank / Cheque or Cash.

Employee Payroll Payslip – What should be on your payslip

Your payslip must show:

  • Your earnings before and after any deductions
  • The amount of any deductions that may change each time you’re paid, eg tax and National Insurance

Employers must also explain any deductions fixed in amount, eg repayment of a season ticket loan. They can choose to do this either on a payslip, or in a separate written statement.

This separate statement must be sent out before the first payslip. Employers must update this every year.

Employee Payroll Payslip – Additional Information.

Your employer may give additional information on your payslip, this information is not mandatory but the additional payslip information could be as follows:-

  • National Insurance number.
  • PAYE Ref [ This is required when claiming tax credits ]
  • Tax code.
  • Tax Period.
  • Pay rate (e.g. Hourly).
  • Additional payments like bonuses, overtime etc. This might be shown separately.
  • Employee Number.
  • Employee Name.
  • Employee Address.


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